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Targeted marketing reality is that it operates as a series of "one-off" executions

Plan Development & Tactical Alignment

PILM can help clients develop and refine a targeted marketing plan. We employ a comprehensive and efficient process that includes competitive review, marketing and sales interviews, brain storming, and quantitative validation to create a plan that’s strategically sound and squarely aligned with business goals.  PILM reviews each plan with an eye toward optimizing ROI by identifying:

  • Gaps: Does the plan follow the consumer purchase cycle?
  • Opportunities: Are we building a plan that encourages repeat purchases?
  • Redundancies: Are there cost savings from combining similar programs?

This unique approach designs all programs to be tracked against your business objectives and sets ROI expectations in advance of execution.

Heavy Buyer Creative & Messaging

Successful targeted marketing is built on consumer knowledge.  PILM has pioneered three unique approaches to pinpoint consumer needs segment-by-segment and move from needs to tailored execution.

  1. Loyalty Landscape© Analysis helps clients identify their biggest targeted marketing opportunity and how to go after it.  This approach:
    • Quantifies your unique sales growth opportunities by dividing the franchise into Super Heavy, Heavy, Medium and Light Buyers.
    • Sizes the sales growth opportunity for each segment and prioritizes marketing objectives.  Depending on the situation, clients may choose to focus strictly on retention of Heavy Buyers, promote more-sell among both Heavy Buyers and Mediums, or incent trial through efficient acquisition of new users.
  2. PILM’s Relationship Anchor identifies the right communication strategy for your Heavy Buyers.  Heavy Buyers’ high purchase volume makes them truly a “breed apart.”  Our approach combines syndicated data, consumer and business insights, qualitative research and best practices to answer these questions:
    • How can Heavy Buyer messaging build on my base creative so that I avoid “preaching to the converted?”
    • Can I shift the emphasis from promotion to non-monetary incentives?
    • How can I turn Heavy Buyers into brand advocates?
  3. Top Shopper Dialog Our proprietary qualitative research, gets to the why behind consumer behavior, which is a critical input when crafting appropriate messages for any customer segment. Behaviorally based targeting is a cornerstone of this approach. To achieve precise target selection, we typically recruit participants based on shopper loyalty card data from cooperating retailers.  Unlike most qualitative research, consumers cannot self-select into the research. The interviews are telephone one-on-ones and blend qualitative and quantitative approaches while avoiding the major pitfalls of each. All reporting and recommendations are provided in the voice of the consumer.

Scorecard Evaluation

Knowing “what you got for what you spentis key to accelerating marketing program improvement.  PILM’s scorecard evaluations track program costs, timing, circulation, and other ROI inputs.  They are comprehensive and span multiple programs, tactics and channels, including:

  • Retail (frequent shopper card, shelf talkers, Catalina®, Rx Edge®)
  • In-Office (brochures, tear-pads, HAN)
  • In-Home (DR-Print, DR-TV, direct mail)
  • Online (client sites, WebMD®, banner ads, pay-for-performance)

All these programs are evaluated in the same format allowing for apples to apples internal and external comparisons.   Scorecards are regularly updated to identify program strengths and weaknesses, enabling the business to make course corrections and reallocate budget accordingly.